Monday, February 04, 2008

Biking Shorts - Part 4

In fact, a funny thing happened along the way back from the flea market. Before crossing a street in a residential area, I made sure to make eye-contact with the driver of a red truck that was approaching the same intersection.

Despite the fact that I had the "right of way," I wasn't crossing in front of this Sanford & Son special until I knew the driver recognized my "right" and my "way."

She nodded and I continued on.

Along the way, I noticed that a vehicle was approaching me, very slowly, from behind. This wasn't too unusual since many drivers go WAY out of their way to make sure they're not going to hit bikers and pedestrians. This time, though, the driver pulled alongside me, with her window down. It was the same red truck from before.

"You wanna put that bike in the back of my truck," she asked. I guessed this was her way of taking pity on a novice cyclist, but offering me a ride home.

"Hehe. No, thanks. I'm good," I replied.

"You just doing that for exercise?"

That was close enough to the truth, so I responded, "Yep."

"Mmm. Well you sho' are lookin' GOOD," she said, as she stared at me through her good eye.

I laughed and thanked her, then she drove off.

Along with the exhilaration of the ride and the surprising beauty of a few hidden scenic areas, her compliment made my "little" trek that much cooler.*

Not a bad start.

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* But the LAST thing I was expecting was for ANYbody to "holla" at my sweaty, inappropriately-dressed (tank and jeans), wobbly-ridin' behind. :-p


Alan Scott said...

Congratulations on being ogled!

Los Angelista said...

And then she kept following you home and is now stalking your house... just kidding. I hope!

B. Good said...

Lol, HAY!! Get 'em West! That brought a smile to my face. But I was really thinking you had on biker shorts this whole time. I'm like, no wonder she holla'd! :)

Ok, so all of your bike stories are just the greatest. The visual of you being happy-go-lucky on a beach cruiser look-a-like is just too much, lol. Almost made me wanna get one. Almost.

Keith said...

Is it just me or were you hit on by a rather creepy sounding one-eyed woman? Still, it's more action than I've seen in ten years!