Monday, February 11, 2008

R.I.P. Aunt Ethel

On Friday, I had to choose between going to my aunt's funeral and attending class.

I decided to attend class (the last one before our exam) then drive out-of-town to see the family for the post-funeral gathering.

My aunt's funeral really drew a lot of family members. She was my family by-marriage, but all of my uncles siblings (except one frequent exception) traveled from around the country to attend. Cousins I've not seen in twenty years showed up. Even my uncle's co-workers came to town to support him.

It was really a sight to see.

I wasn't able to stay for long - not even 24-hours - but it was good to see the family, despite the circumstances. I noticed that various uncles, cousins, etc. went out of their way to reach out to the rest of the family on this occasion. Maybe it reminded them (and me) of how lucky we are to still have each other. Maybe it'll inspire us to do what we think about doing after holidays and other special events - take the time and make the effort to stay in-contact and in each others' lives.

I guess, if you've got to go, it might be nice to know that your passing brought your family even closer.

Rest in-peace, Aunt Ethel.

More on the circumstances of her passing, later.


Angie said...

Sorry for your loss West. Glad you got to connect with your family. We often take those relationships for granted .....before you know it it's to late.

West said...

Thanks, angie.