Friday, March 17, 2006

"Pro-LIFE tactics"


On my way to work, I saw a truck (about the size of the average U-HAUL truck) with a very large, graphic of an aborted fetus's body parts. This was on the rear of the truck. As I passed the vehicle, I saw an even larger graphic on the side. It was too difficult to get a picture of it, right then, so I waited until I had approached a turn, then got my phone's camera ready.

I snapped the attached photo as the truck drove by. As you can see, the image is obstructed by an incline (which may have been for the best, since I was concerned about how graphic the images were) by you can at least get an idea of the scale of the vehicle and images.

That word on the side of truck is "CHOICE." It's in quotes on the truck, suggesting that reducing a life to bloody baby parts are what people what to the right to *choose.*

There's little hope that this type of discussion won't become one about the "rights" and "wrongs" of abortion, but I'm mostly interested in finding out how you all feel about this type of tactic - that is, putting HUGE, gross pictures of aborted fetus parts on large vehicles and slowly driving them through rush hour traffic.


Ragnell said...

Sounds like typical scare tactics used by so-called moral people.

Anonymous said...

If I were driving past that truck, I would puke, choke on my own vomit, lose my handle on the wheel, cause an accident, and will sue the truck driver if I survive.

I think that scare tactics can be "moral," like exposing atrocities of wars, genocide, slavery, etc. But fetus (IMO!) is an organism, with potential to become a human being, that belongs to a woman who has full civil and human rights; to me, the truck driver is more like (not the same, but more like) showing a picture of charcoal-colored lungs in protest against tobacco industry than showing pictures of prison torture in Iraq. They both can be moral protests, but do not target the same thing..

West said...

ragnell: "Sounds like typical scare tactics used by so-called moral people."

I found this one was anything, but typical. Scary world.

anonymous: "...showing a picture of charcoal-colored lungs in protest against tobacco industry..."

Surprising analogy, but then, I favor the "TRUTH" messages. Of course, agreeing with the message isn't the same as condoning the method, but I think it's a factor for me in the case of tobacco.

At any rate, yeah, I had a gag moment, as I drove by. Seeing the rear, then passenger-side images put me kinda close to Regurgitation Station.

Ragnell said...

west -- You might want to avoid Oklahoma then. We're regularly subjected to display cemetaries, biblical quotes on billboards, and there is always some perverted stand at every fair with gross pictures. I would not be surprised to see those pictures on the side of a truck.

West said...

This world has surprised me more in the past two weeks than I would've thought possible.