Thursday, February 09, 2006

TODAY'S GADGET - Mini Task Light

Cool gadget. I stumbled upon them at Radio Shack, one day. The clearance price is just under $10. It's one of my favorite new gadgets.

Obviously, you'd use this whenever you need a flashlight. It's the fact that it's so small, so lightweight, and so handsfree that makes me such a fan. Oh yeah, IT'S AS BRIGHT AS THE FREAKIN' SUN! Okay, it's not as bright as the nearest star, but it's pretty freakin' bright. It's that pure, almost blue, white light, too, as opposed to the dull, dusty, dusky "yellow" of most el-cheapo flashlights.

The intensity, range, and coverage area are just right. I mostly use it at night, as you might imagine, to unlock the doors to my home and vehicles, to grab groceries and whatnot in dark parts of the cars, or when walking out to the mailbox without wondering what's hiding in the bushes. Since this thing illuminates whatever I turn my head toward, I know what's in the bushes!

Also, though, if you're working on cars, even in fairly well-lit environments, it can be helpful to have a light aimed JUST where you want it to be, while still having the use of both hands. That's key.

Anyway, the thing is very useful and very cheap. I've bought four, so far, but I plan to get more. I gave one to my step-father and I've got three for myself. I plan to keep one at work, one in my truck, and one in my home... until I get a few more.

Nothing like having that ear-mounted light to do a little reading in the bedroom, without lighting up the whole room OR waking your significant other with the brightness or the sound of a lamp clicking on and off. Heck, even getting up in the morning or to use the restroom is a bit easier because you can use this device to navigate the room without kicking shoes or the footboard and, thus, waking your partner (or in my case, without waking myself up so much due to too much light).

This post is all over the place, but hopefully the message is clear enough. This is today's cool-ass gadget. Enjoy.

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