Tuesday, November 22, 2005


This came up in another discussion, recently, and I thought it was a pretty accurate snapshot of who I am and where I've been coming from, as opposed to where people seem to think I'm coming from:

All I've asked, here, on CBR, or in "real life" is for people to agree OR DISAGREE with me based upon what I've actually said. More often, I get:

me: Nice dress.
them: Why don't you like OUR dress?!
others: WHY are you always making her feel bad about her clothes?!


The first sign of a bad discussion is when both sides have presented their points, but cannot rephrase the other side's position.

That means you, he, she, or I don't really know what we're arguing against. That's all I've been trying to say.


Son of Blog-El said...

This is why when giving morning greetings, I say 'Mornin' instead of "Good Morning" I got tired of replies like "What's good about it?"

West said...


I'll bet they're STILL trying to figure out how to counter that one.