Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Religious frosting

If your religion says that homosexuals are going to hell and if you believe this is true, then that's that. If someone you know and like happens to be gay, you can talk all day about how God is love and how He wants to welcome you into His Kingdom, not keep you out, but at the end of the day, you "know" that this person is going to Hell. Sometimes we want to make people feel good and I understand that, but this seems more like trying to turn a turd into a bundt cake by spreading a little frosting on it.

You can't have it both ways. People who pick and choose which parts of their religious text they dig and/or believe - that's your business. BUT, if that's what you're going to do, then you give UP the right to say that any and everything IN that religion is the truth (or the undeniable Word of God). You give up the right to hold up The Bible, for instance, as the clear standard of right and wrong. After all, if YOU can contradict Him, then so can everyone else.

If you believe the entire Bible is right AND that homosexuals or people who marry outside of their "race" or communists or whomever are going to hell, then that includes all the people you like and love, know and hate, and a bunch of people you don't know and will never meet. Accept that.

Whatever you do, please don't preach to "Kunta's" descendants about God not giving anyone more than they can handle. Didn't plenty of slaves in the U.S. catch more hell on Earth than they could handle? Yes, they did. If people go crazy, today, then they damn-sure went crazy after they and their families were kidnapped (a word which PALES in-comparison to the actual depth of this offense), beaten, raped, separated, robbed of culture, names, and language, and so many other things... for generations.

Don't spread a little religious frosting over that by claiming that those who TRULY BELIEVED were spared in one way or another. That's just turning a turd into an even bigger turd because NOW you've got a bunch of people thinking that any time God fails to meet their reasonable expectations, it's because of a failure on their part and not His or their religion. "Oh. Well, you didn't believe enough. That's why your prayers weren't answered."

I'm not telling anyone to abandon their religious beliefs. I'm just suggesting that those who believe ought to TRULY believe and face the realities of those beliefs. Honestly, anything else is just a lie or hypocrisy by way of Religious Frosting.

Your thoughts?

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nikki said...

i always had a problem with that way of thinking. things happen. good things happen to bad people just like bad things happen to good people and there ain't no explanation for it. it just is. has absolutely NOTHING to do with religious beliefs or the strength of those beliefs.