Wednesday, January 03, 2007

NEWS - Saddam: Well hung?

I don't have the biggest problem with the execution of Saddam Hussein.

What bothers me are two things:
1) the U.S.'s role in it and
2) the method of execution.

I'm posting this mostly due to my concerns about #2. Causing people to choke to death, writhe in pain, and soil themselves seems extreme, to me, when painless injections are available (Florida notwithstanding).

I have a hard time believing that humanity is still hanging people, in 2006. We can choose to take lives without choosing to cause suffering.

The fact that we don't do this says a lot about humanity.


Shai said...

Oh my goodness, West. Where you in my mind last week. LOL.

I felt for him in being punished in that manner. So inhumane. Yes, he was inhumane but dang he could have died another way.

On another blog, the author said that he really should have suffered by living or even a some form of torture. That yes money would be paid to house Saddam but he would not get off so easy.

I just have an aversion to hanging. I think of the song Strangefruit by Billie Holiday about hanging our black men and the scene from Lady Sings the Blues showing the "strangefruit."

West said...

That's part of my aversion to the practice, as well.

Anonymous said...

I was somewhat conflicted about that myself. I don't care about him dying but the method does seem extreme.

Bobbalicious said...

I'm with you, hanging is out-dated, but I can't help but wonder if the powers-that-be wanted Saddam to suffer in some way for all he had done--if death wasn't enough. I think human nature in it's most basic sense has an eye-for-eye mentality--it's civilization that tempers it.

West said...

Very interesting points, Bobbalicious. (And well-put.)

You may be onto something.

Shai said...

Part of me wonders if Saddam is really dead. LOL. I know that sounds crazy but you never know. Have they shown his dead body? I rarely watch the news so I don't know.

West said...

I don't think they have, but even if they had shown him laying down with his eyes closed, it wouldn't necessarily mean anything.

Those kinds of shots are the easiest to fake.

We either believe'em or we don't.

Shit, now you've got ME wonderin' if his ass is gonna come back like Freddy Krueger. :-p