Wednesday, January 03, 2007

DVD - "Adventures of He-Man"

I can't believe they're actually selling the "Adventures of He-Man" episodes on dvd for $49.99 (before discount).

For those who may not know, this series was years after the original "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" television show that many of us knew and loved but before the "Masters of the Universe" series of recent years. In "Adventures of He-Man," the main character was summoned to the future to deal with threats to humanity.

Instead of taking advantage of He-Man's absence by trying to take over Eternia, Skeletor, He-Man's old enemy, actually follows him into the future.

Ridiculous. I much prefer the previous incarnation which took Clark Kent's glasses to the next level by having Adam and He-Man look exactly the same except for a set of clothes and a really cool tan.

. . .

Okay, that sound stupid, too, but really, the first series balanced its silliness with extreme 80's coolness, while the second series just sucked on general principle. If it wasn't spoiled by the fact that Skeletor followed He-man into the future or the really engaging, hyped-up dramatics that the old series had over the newer one, then there's always the following:

The second series actually had He-Man using a frickin' gun.

A gun.


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princessdominique said...

West, I think they realized they could get a grip for it and figured, hey why not. It's crazy what they charge for these vintages shows. Highway robbery in fact.