Thursday, January 04, 2007

NEWS - the Jefferson Koran

It amazes me how many so-called patriots fail to truly understand what America's ideals are.

This is well-illustrated by the fact that the first Muslim Congressman is being criticized for wanting to swear on a Koran instead of a Bible. I dig his reaction to those critics, though.

"Religious tolerance" ought not be precluded by convenience, or lack of same.


Shai said...

Familiarity is the problem. Many people don't like change to what they consider "traditional". Yet they are all for freedom to do what you want. Then when something unfamiliar comes instead of being open and try to understand, they condemn and criticize.

I find it ironic how one polictician from Virginia said they need to watch out our immigrant quotas. LOL. Mr. Ellison was born in Detroit and is black. WTF!

He is using TJ's Koran and they are still tripping. Ignorance.

West said...

Exactly. That "immigrant" statement of his was pure "ignorance."

Anonymous said...

Yes, the idiot from Virginia is kind of scary to me. I mean I know that people are closed minded, and that they run our country, but seeing it in action...just makes me realize that although this is 2007, we have a long way to go.

Anonymous said...

And then there are the people that are trying to make an issue of Barak Obama's name. When will the stupidity end?

West said...

Stupidity doesn't end. It just gets passed from parent to child like a family heirloom.

Luckily, there are exceptions.

S. O'Brien said...

I think his using Jefferson's Koran was a bold and WISE move. I was so happy to hear that story this morning (and kudos to my morning show host in my small town for talking about it in a positive way!)

Shai said...

@remnants of u: Right to they are fucking stupid. That stupid stuff burns me up and gets me to cussing.

Yes, Barack admitted doing drugs, when he was not a politician. Yes, he has a name that is close to Muslim. Hello he has African heritage and they are a large group of Muslims.LOL.

If Bill C. can "inhale" and get a blowup adn George W. can kill many people while his people get killed, they need to leave Barack the fuck alone.

@West: The passing of igonorance analogy I so feel.