Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Finishing First

I'm sure many of you have heard men saying things like "Nice guys finish last." I've heard plenty of women disagree, but I've seen just as many dissing some guy who politely approaches then in favor of the guy who doesn't hold the door for her. Sometimes it seems like there's nothing sexier than a door in the face.

When I was in Houston, I remember chatting with an out-of-town young lady over the phone for several weeks until she happened to be visiting some local relatives. She suggested we meet so one evening, I made my way to her family's home and knocked on the door.

I was greet warmly enough, but it was pretty awkward, walking into a strange environment where the only person you knew... you didn't know all that well. Anyway, while I waited on her to be ready, her very large family's behavior wavered between welcoming and alienating. My friend wasn't that much better, but I tried to take it all in-stride. After all, I was kinda nervous, even though we were just a couple of people .

When we finally left. From the front door to the door of my truck, my buddy's behavior didn't get much better. In fact, it got downright rude. I wish I could remember specific things she said, but I remember having second-thoughts about continuing with the evening.

As I opened the passenger door to let her in, she said something else that kinda pissed me off. I decided to take a completely different path than I normally would. Instead of telling her about herself and cutting the evening short, I told her about herself and then slammed the passenger door before she could get in.

I figured, if she got pissed, she could go back in the house and I could leave. Otherwise, she'd know how I felt, I'd have gotten it off of my chest, and I'd have a potentially interesting evening ahead of me.

What she did was buck her eyes and stand there with her mouth open. I told her, if she wanted to get in, she could open her own door. And that she'd better be quick before I hit the gas.

She actually smiled and then got in.

The rest of the evening was more of the same. Every time I had a smart-ass response to something she said or did, I said it. Usually, she reacted like it was outrageous, but she'd always act like it turned her on or something. Weird stuff. It was an interesting experiment.

We stopped by my place and she ended up more or less throwing herself at me, that evening, after having behaved much more civilly than she did before I flipped the script on her, earlier.

That outcome spoke volumes, to me. What do you think (those of you who're still around).?


B. Good said...

Ionknow, cuz slamming a door in my face and then telling me to open it my damn self is NOT the business, lol. Maybe she liked the fact that you weren't afraid to speak your mind?

Alan Scott said...

When you treated her badly, she got turned on. Hmmmm.....
And society wonders why women stay with men who beat them up?

I hope you found a new girl.

Son of Blog-El said...

Ooh, Alan. You might find yourself a victim of a swift kick for that comment. Not speaking from exprience here...
I think that some women want someone unafraid to speak their mind. Same as some men don't want a dishrag, but a strong independent spirited woman.

Keith said...

I think that for the most part good and bad girls like bad boys. Good guys don't have a chance with most women. You proved that by going out of character and gettin' some!