Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The New Chad

So yeah, I voted... for all the good it did.

For those who may not know, I live in Florida and Florida moved up our voting day (a measly week, I think) to yesterday. As a result, ... Well, I'll let CNN tell you:
"Florida has often played an over-sized role in presidential politics -- for proof you need not look further than the 2000 presidential race.

But the Florida Democratic primary has been relegated to a "beauty contest" because the Democratic party stripped the state of its delegates. Thus, Florida Democrats may have little impact on who eventually becomes the Democratic nominee."
Ain't dat a #&$?!

Republican voters warmed-up and resurrected John McCain, whose political rigor mortis was in its final stages, a short while, ago. Still, McCain got a surprise victory, however many delegates we have to offer, and a sweet, sweet burst of momentum. Oh, and Rudy Juliani's backing.

Democratic voters sent our phantom ballots mostly in Hillary Clinton's direction, despite the fact that neither she, nor her Democratic opponents, campaigned within an inch of our state border. So, she got her boost and momentum, but not the delegates. Still, Clinton celebrated, Obama shrugged, and Edwards quit.

I dislike the idea that my vote doesn't count. I dislike the fact that it' s numerically inconsequential. I dislike the fact that the all-or-nothing electoral college makes it nearly irrelevant.

And I really dislike the fact that it really 1) definitely DOESN'T count, this time*, but 2) people are treating it like the results mean so much. We don't know if Obama voters in Florida stayed home, since their vote wouldn't count anyway. We don't know if Edwards would've had a better showing. We don't know if Clinton would've had reason to celebrate.

I guess it's like salt on the wound - a wound that was just healing from the 2000 election.

* except for the local issue on the ballot

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Liz said...

Y'all better get the people in the Florida Democratic Party fired for messing this up. I hope those votes don't end up counting for Hillary. Split 'em 50/50.