Friday, July 20, 2007

Vick & Dog Fights

As I've said before, I'm not one to follow professional sports all that closely. I can enjoy playing the games and watching the games, but I don't do either all that often.

Michael Vick is a familiar player, though, for a number of reasons - among them is a certain amount of controversy that's surrounded him for some time. In most cases, the little I knew about the situations left me with the impression that the media was more interested in making news where there was none. That may still be true, but the latest issue, in which I believe Vick faces charges related to participating in or allowing brutal, deadly dog-fights on his property, leaves me almost completely unsympathetic to the man.

I'll admit that I still don't know everything involved in the case, but if what I've heard is true, at best I'd suspect that he's condoned the abuse and killing of these animals - at worst, he actively participates in it.

That disgusts me more than I can say. Not only does that show a lack of respect for the value of life - all life - but I can't help but think of the children, elderly, and others who've been mauled by some savage pitbull. Maybe some or even most of those dogs were that aggressive and dangerous by-nature, but if I were a betting man, I'd wager that a number of the dogs that attack humans have been mistreated or improperly trained or bred by other humans.

The way I see it, that puts those victims' blood in the hands of the kinds of brutal bastards who encourage, condone, or participate in dog fights.

If Vick's guilty, to whatever extent he may be guilty, I hope they throw the book directly at him and everyone who helped him.


B. Good said...

You know what? I was especially agitated at this news as well. I'm an animal fanatic, and when I hear things like this, it irks me to no end. I'm more than certain that Vick's ignant ass is involved in this mess, and I hope they throw the bookSTORE at him.

Just a mess, and plain idiotic. Why? Why is this exciting for you? Those things are SO gruesome. And what kind of FOOL is he, that he not only participates in this atrocity, but HOSTS it at his house?!? As a "public figure" (and any figure for that matter), thats just not smart.

Oh, don't get me started!!

Poor aminals :(

Liz said...

He's not a good guy and he did the wrong thing. We have such a responsibility to nature and to animals. I hope folks will take a closer look at why it is that they think fighting dogs is ok (the money) and make the decision to stop. I'm not holding my breath though.

nikki said...

he's a fucking IDIOT. and yeah, i am a falcons fan and i follow sports very closely. i just can't believe dude is THIS stupid.

i really hope he's found to be innocent, cuz if he's guilty, his career is over (and frankly, it needs to be).

Miz JJ said...

I gotta co-sign with nikki. He is a complete idiot. Although part of it is the fact that he has probably be indulged since middle school. He has gotten away with everything and gotten everything he wanted. Consequences are probably foreign to him. I hope he gets it this time. Dummy.