Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Special Laugh & A Forrest Quote

A couple of copy/pastes from a recent conversation:

WEST3MAN: Freshman year in college, some friends and I were laughing at someone's yearbook.
WEST3MAN: Laughing at the horrible pictures of folks.
WEST3MAN: Pix that really made'em look dumb or whatever.
WEST3MAN: We stumbled upon a photo of some folks in some club that looked ... well, they cracked us up.
WEST3MAN: After laughing looooong and haaaard,
B: lol
WEST3MAN: we realized it was a "special club."
B: that's messed up
WEST3MAN: They were all mentally retarded or something.
WEST3MAN: We felt AWFUL, but we'd already laughed so hard that we couldn't stop...
WEST3MAN: ...in fact, we laughed even harder.
B: heathen
WEST3MAN: The fact that we were supposed to stop made us laugh harder and we felt terrible as we cried and laughed and told each other to stop.
T: "where that bolt of lightning came from next, i'll never know . . "
WEST3MAN: the worst, best laugh i ever had.
WEST3MAN: indeed.
WEST3MAN: ever had that kinda laugh that makes EVERYthing funny, afterward?
B: yes
T: No
WEST3MAN: one of those moments, which was unfortunately followed by the revelation that we were laughing at the mentally challenged.
T: i always assumed that involved drugs of some kind
T: cuz i've seen it happen to people
B: alcohol
T: Alcohol is a drug
T: anyway
WEST3MAN: i don't drink or do drugs and it's happened to me many times.
T: i knew a guy who was proud of his personal motto "Hire the Handicapped, they're fun to watch" that he woudl wear it on a T-Shirt to Church
WEST3MAN: it's an incredible thing. i laughed, though, until i no longer sounded like a human-being - which is probably mildly appropriate.

And one more...

WEST3MAN: random comment (which'll probably end up on the blog):
WEST3MAN: perhaps my absolute favorite moment in Forrest Gump (one of my favorite movies) was when he tried to ask...
WEST3MAN: ...if his son was slow, like him.
WEST3MAN: he choked on the words and i choked on the frog in my throat.
WEST3MAN: that's all.

Feel free to comment on either.


Angie said...

You are a clown! However, I too laugh at the handicapped. I know it's terrible but I do it. I also laugh when men cry. I know I shouldn't but it just cracks me up to see a man cry....especially if he makes noise while crying. I'm laughing now, just thinking about it.....I'm gonna go to hell. : )

West said...

We weren't TRYING to laugh at special folks. In fact, we were equal-opportunity assholes, laughing at almost everyone in the yearbook.

*makes note not to cry around Angie*


Miz JJ said...

You know you're wrong for that...right? Lol. But we all do it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've laughed at some shit that I wasn't "supposed" to laugh at, but didn't find that out till after the fact......which definitely makes it funnier.

LOL @ telling each other to stop, with no signs of stoppin yourselves.