Monday, July 30, 2007

Health Before Wealth

You can't put a price on peace of-mind (and body). Well, I can't, anyway.

I've been removing unhealthy elements from my life over the past year, in-particular. The latest casualty? My employer.

I may have mentioned that I've been in poor health over the past few months. Much of that was caused by my work environment. Well, after certain i's were dotted and certain t's were crossed, I amputated that oh-so-unhealthy portion of my life... before it could infect the others any further.

Now that it's been a while, I can say with great certainty that my anxiety level is MUCH lower, I've got more patience and energy for other parts of my life, and I don't experience the chest or stomach pain anywhere near as much.

I've lost about 25 pounds, at this point, but I'm trying to turn that into a positive by taking better care of myself. I'm buying healthier food, exercising (building up to more intensive exercise), and working on managing stress effectively and safely. If nothing else, it'll keep me from having to deal with the medical professionals who seem to be infested and infecting others with ineptitude on a level that boggles the mind.

I'm doing what I can to take care of myself - mentally and physically. I hope you love yourself enough to do the same.


beef mug said...

Very brave man. Good move.

Liz said...

Congratulations on making the change. I think it's something in the air because you aren't alone. I left my job on July 1st and I have two friends who've peaced out to stressful work situations within the past couple of weeks. I'm also sleeping much better, lost five pounds, and feel much more relaxed, much happier. It's a scary thing to do but so worth it.

Angie said...

Good for you! Change is usually a good thing - not easy, but good. I'm proud of you!

B. Good said...

Wow, West. Sounds like a GREAT move for you. Take back your life!

*sidenote* - I don't think I've ever lost weight on account of stress and anxiety, let alone 25 lbs. Thats outrageous!

Shai said...

25lbs due to stress. That is not good. I have lost about 10 but then gained that and some extra due to different kinds of stress.

Take it easy. I know I have to find a way to change some lifestyle habits.

Miz JJ said...

I wish I could lose 25 lbs due to stress. I kid. It's important to take care of yourself. It is good to hear about a black man eating well and taking care of himself. All the best!