Friday, June 22, 2007

Where Are You?

It's probably both, appropriate and ironic, that my first post in a week is called "Where Are You"...

Classmates, when our teacher arrives late then expects us to stay late or miss material, I spoke up in objection. Alone.

Where were you then?

Co-workers, when our bosses treat us like children, imbeciles, and criminals, I stand up to them. Alone.

Where are you now?

Community, when times get harder and more stressful, I'll do what I can to ease the burden on us. Hopefully, not alone.

Where will you be then?


kim said...

West, man...I think I know what people say about you behind your back.

I have superb hearing and I can tell you that when they've said such loving things about me, I've wondered how expressing concern for fairness, or a need for accountability, could be deemed ... less than fully welcome, less than honorable, less than necessary.

Have a good weekend...I'm off to clean the garage for the ninth time. Alone.

Liz said...

Folks do lack integrity, they lack courage, they are willing to let someone else be the sacrificial lamb. It's a shame because if we all had that spirit of sacrifice, of standing up for the greater good, things would be a whole lot different for plenty of folks around the world.

And you have to know, there are lots of us folks that are right there with you.

Keith said...

Many of us walk a lonely road, we're called non-conformists. I too find myself with my fist in the air asking "who's with me!?" only to get a "let's talk about this" in response. But you can't let scared people discourage you - sometimes you just have to go it alone.

Angie said...

West it may feel like you are alone and nobody notices. But you're really not alone. There are others watching you. They may not have the courage or strength to stand up the way you do. But watching you may make it easier for them to stand up next time.

I bet there is someone who has said to themselves, "I want to be like him when I grow up." And some of them may already be grown. I know cuz I'm one of them. Keep you head up kid. : )

the silly slime mold marvin said...

Hey West,

Good luck with your fight. It can be a very lonely experience but someone out there cares. Keep up the good fight.