Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Customer Exasperation Pt. 3 - Circle K

Today's dose of customer service surreality is brought to you by my local "Circle K" convenience store.

I needed to send some money via Western Union, which already pissed me off because I think that's a wasteful way to transfer money. Anyway, I was pleased to see that a Circle K gas station offered Western Union services, so I went there.

I asked the female cashier what methods of payment they accepted, but she didn't understand what I said. I asked, again, and she didn't understand, as she continued to do something else* . The last time, she said, "Pick up the phone and a lady will answer."

What? Apparently their system involved a dedicated line and dealing with someone remotely. I wasn't interested in the confusion that might cause and I certainly wasn't happy with the existing confusion. I took this as a sign of the kind of service I could expect while I was there.

"I just wanted to know what forms of payment you accepted, but thanks anyway," I said before leaving. She looked pleased because that way she didn't have to deal me distracting her from whatever else she was doing.

I was so bothered by her failure to listen (and I wasn't mumbling) that I refused to fill up my fume-fueled truck there. As I left, the young man next to her seemed to be explaining my question.


* -
which she could've stopped doing or she could've asked me to wait until she finished her train of thought or...


Anonymous said...

Fume-filled head there, dude.

I feel you on the Western Union thing...did that only once as an adult, having seen lots of folks do it when I was a child, what a comlete rip-off!

Liz Dwyer said...

What you don't know was that she'd just taken some drugs in the bathroom so she was not actually on this planet any more.

In all seriousness, it makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Did she speaka the english?

Angie said...

Don't you wonder how the owners of those places hire rude, ignorant, evil people to work in thier establishments? Do they not see it hurts thier business? Or is Shaniqua the only one who will take the dangerous job at the Circle K? Yeah, that could be it. : )

West said...

B: She sure did. She just didn't listen worth a darn.

Angie: I often wonder why the owners don't drop these folks, for the sake of their business.

I have to assume that this is the best they (think they) can get.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

A new low in Customer Disservice.

I would have gone elsewhere, too. Places like that don't deserve our business.

Fergie said...

Oh my gosh, love these post, I HATE HATE HATE horrible customer service.

West said...

heart: I couldn't agree more.

fergie: Then we're two of a kind. :)