Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Counseling Commentary

chele recently posted about counseling/therapy, which prompted me to drop the following lengthy commentary:

It’s funny you mention this, as I’ve been considering just this, recently. In fact, I (even more recently) said that I wasn’t gonna do it because I knew I wasn’t in the right place for what I knew was to come.

I’ve also had experiences in the past which told me the one thing that often changes people’s impressions of those they consider to be mentors, counselors, teachers, parents, etc: I realized these folks were only human - and not necessarily all that great at what they do.

I used to basically have complete faith in these people, but I’ve seen healthcare professionals who didn’t respect patients’ rights to privacy, teachers who were knowledgeable, but couldn’t teach, managers who were experienced, but couldn’t manage, and counselors who’d received some training, but who really couldn’t offer me much more than an ear to bend.

If that’s all I need, then cool, but if I want to feel like this person is going to challenge me in substantive ways AND listen to what I say, I tend to worry that I’ll end up with a dud.

That said, when weighed against the alternative, counseling may turn out to be a fine option.

Your questions and comments are welcome.


Angie said...

I'm a firm believer in therapy. Especially if you are ready and willing to deal with your issues and learn about yourself.

Asking your PCP for a referral is one way to go. You can tell them what you're looking for - most of them know of a few therapist that fit different categories. Or ask around - lots of folks are in therapy now. You never know until you put it out there.

Good luck!

Blu Jewel said...

I too am a beleiver of such a course of action, but as angie said, you have to be ready for it and willing to participate. i said the same to chele. i've gone through it a few times and on each occasion benefitted greatly from the experience.

make some calls, ask around, and do phone and person interviews if possible to ensure the person you pick is right for you.

TDJ said...

I also believe that there is great value in therapy. I went to a wonderful therapist right after college, but I would actually like to see someone again soon. Good luck bro.

Anonymous said...

I've been tossing around the idea of "going to talk to someone", but I haven't done so yet. I can't really weigh in on the value of therapy one way or the other, but I think its worth a try.

Miz JJ said...

If you are open to the experience it can be helpful.

Anonymous said...

I believe in it too. I guess this time around I just have to figure out what I'm really looking to accomplish. I don't know.