Saturday, December 23, 2006

TECH - "Jawbone" mentioned that this noise-cancelling, Bluetooth, headset (which I will refer to as an "earpiece" to minimize confusion when I start talking about headphones, in a later post) was released, recently.

It's main claim-to-fame is the fact that you can use it, in a noisy environment, to talk to people on your mobile phone without burdening them with the cacophony that surrounds you.

This is no exaggeration. And it, reportedly, works with ALL Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones.

Since the article already links to a review that's better than what I'd probably offer, here's a cut n paste of some of my comments about this device, which I obtained, today:
"The online write-ups I've seen say it was to be released on the 21st, which was Thursday.

It can be charged through the wall adapter or through the usb port of a computer [...].

I got it, today and have been very pleased. Gonna write a review soon, but the speaker volume was exceptional; I had to turn it all the way down keep from being blasted by my girlfriend's soft voice. I talked to a couple different people while I was in a noisy comic shop (right next to the register), on the median outside "in" traffic, in the men's restroom at the mall, in the food court of the mall, and other places, and the callers consistently said they couldn't or could just BARELY hear the stuff around me.

The instruction booklet said that noise cancellation can be turned off, which I like. Dunno how often I'd WANT the other person to hear music and stuff around me, but it could happen.

Also, the instructions say that a certain part of the device must be against your cheek for the caller to hear you properly (I assume this is only true when noise cancellation is engaged), but I didn't find this difficult, at all. I simply wore it as I normally would.

The device fit comfortably and was quite light.

I used it with my Treo 650."


And highly recommended.

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