Friday, November 03, 2006

TECH - Review: Magnesium hardcase

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that the magnesium hardcase for the Treo 650 was on sale. I purchased a couple of them and offer my evaluation of them, below:
"The magnesium case is great protection (which only hardcases can provide), has a larger cut-out for 5-way navigation, etc., the hinge door is useful (though I need to get used to it), the sd card storage is fantastic, and the cushions within the case are superior to that within the aluminum cases I've owned.

I've heard that the magnesium case does not get as cold as the aluminum case, but it seems to get pretty cold, to me. Maybe there's a difference, but I haven't noticed it, yet. No biggie, though.

The pictures I'd seen, before purchase, gave me the impression that the case was black or charcoal, but it's actual navy-blue.

It's a little bulkier, but the sd card storage is worth it.

Finally, the issue with the screw, in the back, keeping the door from flipping all the way around, is inconvenient, but you can always unscrew it at the times when you think you're likely to keep flipping it back. At those times, if you can keep the phone in your pocket, you won't miss the screw. Then, when you need it on your hip, replace the screw.

Given a choice between the magnesium case and the aluminum case, I'd pick the magnesium case if it's at the reduced price from a couple weeks, ago. Otherwise, I might go for the aluminum case.

The main differences are the sd card storage, the wider "finger" cut-out, and the better cushioning on the inside. The last one also makes it easier to remove the Treo for resets... which is nice since the reset hole on the magnesium (and aluminum) case is on the wrong side for the 650... which is quite ridiculous."

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