Friday, November 03, 2006

COMICS - Fantastic Four: The End #1

Below is a copy of something I recently said about the first issue of Fantastic Four: The End #1 - written and illustrated by Alan Davis:
"I tried.

I realllly tried to wait for the tpb. If you'd like to do the same thing, then please, WHATEVER you do... Don't. Open. This. Book.

It's too pretty. Really.

Even then, I was waffling, but shortly after that, I saw the "penciled" (sp?) version. :blink:

After a round of smelling salts and a splash of cold water, I found the world slowly coming back into focus. These two versions of this first issue BOTH came home with me, last night. I can't even believe there was a copy of the Rough Cut version left in the store, considering how amazing it looks. "

Well, I had a dorkgasm in the middle of the local comic shop. So yeah, I'd say it's definitely recommended.


Luke Cage said...

The most amazing thing about the Fantastic Four, is that they are eternal! The kinds of stories they can do with this group and the fact that they are so admired by the rest of the Marvel Universe speaks major volumes.

This is supposed to be an awesome storyline (according to Wizard magazine) drawn by one of the industry greats. X-men: The End was okay. A little anti-climatic for me, but a decent enough read, so I hope this one surpasses that effort. I haven't picked this FF mag up yet, but I'm sure they've got my copy stashed for me. Hmmm.. just in case though.. I'ma call them foolz!

West said...


Yeah, I wasn't too impressed with X-Men: The End, either. I'm fond of the artist of Wolverine: The End, but even that story lacked a certain something.

This FF joint looks incredibly tight, though.