Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sex question - How do you keep count?

Nikki recently mentioned the most number of times she's had sex in a day. (I ain't gonna tell you the answer. You're gonna have to check out her latest blog entry if you really wanna know.)

That brought to-mind something I've always wondered about: How do you count the number of times you've had sex in a day or whatever?

* No, really. Do you count the number of busted nuts (figuratively speaking)? If so, whose?
* Do you only count the sessions that were separated by so many minutes of down-time?
* Some people count all sexual contact as sex. Are you "counting heads?"
* Hell, if you hump all damned day, does that only count as three times, since you only stopped
for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

You see where I'm comin' from (so to speak). How do you keep count?

In case I've never made this clear before, everyone's welcome to respond (even those of you who prefer to do so via i.m. and whatnot, for some reason*), regardless of sexual orientation. As long as you're not humpin' anything with more than two legs, bring it.

...and maybe even then. Hell, I could use a laugh, today.


asdf said...

First of all, this post is funny as hell. I like the do you count busted nuts comment. I'm still laughing now.

But I count 1 session of sex as me entering into the gloryland, maintaining contact with the glory for at least 5 minutes and that's about it. A nut need not be busted to count as sex. I mean sometimes you can be at it for awhile and not nut, but you still had sex.

So there's my definition.

Nice blog by the way. I'm known as Wyclefdoug on the CBR forums. If you want, you should check out my blog when you have the chance.

West said...

Hey, Wd! I think we've talked before. Welcome.

As far as the topic, I've wondered about this, for some time. I think people keep count in different ways and DOGGONIT, it's time we standardized things around here!

We shouldn't be satisfied with this system of sexual anarchy and chaos. Think of the CHILDREN!

Also, everybody will have to pick ONE position and STICK TO IT, DAMMIT!

Seriously, I tend to count my partner's orgasms or the length of time we do our thing.

asdf said...

What if you had one of those girls who claim to not orgasm? Would you still say you have to make her orgasm for you to consider it sex?

It's a fine line we are talking about her. What is sex, and what isn't?

West said...

I just mean that's what I'm more likely to keep track of.

It's not about how many parties I attend so much as how much fun we have.

asdf said...

Good analogy