Monday, February 06, 2006

I'm looking forward to Valentine's Day.

I know some consider it to be a manufactured holiday, but really, aren't they all?

The only value ANYthing has is the value that we ascribe to it. For me, Valentine's Day isn't just some day that obligates me to make SOME kind of gesture. Like Thanksgiving (despite its roots), it can serve as a reminder of what we ought to appreciate in this life - specifically love.

That's right. I said it. L-O-V-E.

I'm in-love with someone. It just so happens that I tell her plenty of times per week (and maybe even per day) that I love her. I kiss her at least a hundred times that same week. That's not bragging (in fact, I'm sure it'd turn SOME people off). I'm making a point:

Valentine's Day isn't just an obligatory gesture. It's an opportunity to step that game up and do something out of the norm. And then? Well, maybe then it's worth considering why whatever you did ISN'T "the norm."

If you don't have a significant other to share this time with, to spoil, or to be spoiled by, don't let V-day make you feel bad about yourself. And, whatever you do, don't let it turn you into one of those bitter people, pissed because there are other people in the world who have what you'd like to have. Because really, a holiday can't do that. All exceptional circumstances do is pull back the curtain to reveal what was there all along.

I'm looking forward to Valentine's Day. If you aren't, make it a day worth looking forward to... even if it's just you.

After all, who's gonna love you better than you?

Careful, though. You'll go blind.

Questions? Comments?


Dave said...


Well, like Christmas, it's all about the giving. Even if you have to give it to yourself. Of course, there are somethings you just have to give to someone else. Like an Orgasm. ;-)

Check it out -- it's not what you think!

PeteG said...

I don't know...

Givin' yourself candy, sending yourself flowers and reserving a table for two at your favorite restaurant...

Somebody's bound to get jealous!!! :)

West said...

Orgasms? You can give those to yourself, too.

I think Hallmark refers to this as the gift that keeps on coming.

Okay, that was a bad one. :p

West said...

For the record, though, I wasn't just talking about masturbation.

It's more about making the day (and any day, really) memorable or enjoyable so it doesn't feel like a missed Christmas or something.

Dig yourself. Do things you enjoy... with or without others.

I think that's one of the surest paths to happiness.