Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Pox or Just DumP Luck

That's right. A POX UPON THE HOUSE OF HE WHO TURNED OFF THE DAMNED RESTROOM LIGHTS WHILE I WAS PINCHING A LOAF AT WORK THE OTHER DAY! I know it was close to close-of-business, doggonit, but I was still handlin' MY business!

Luckily, my Treo 650 (phone/pda hybrid) was putting out enough light to keep me from being in total darkness. In fact, that's one of the reasons I didn't start bitchin' the moment things went black. (The other reason being that I didn't want anyone to recognize my voice. A lot of men don't want anyone to know we're bakin' bread up in there.) I soon realized this wouldn't provide me with enough light to, err... tidy up, so to speak.

Here's that moment so many of us dread. Having to do the "shitty walk" to get whatever the hell you forgot beforehand. The thing is, I didn't FORGET to check for toilet paper or anything else. No.

I was a VICTIM, dammit! A victim of some careless asshole more concerned about the electric bill at 4:45pm than whether or not someone was actually USING the room he was flooding with darkness.

Anyway, I did 'the walk because... what choice did I have? Of course, if someone came in at that moment, they and any passers-by would get an eyeful, but damned if I was gonna be "tidy up" in the damned dark. Luckily, my goodies remain anonymous, as I made it back to "the big stall" without being seen. I even did some embarrassing hops to get there that much quicker.

I had to go the next day at about the same time. I decided that if it happened again, somebody was gonna get an earful o' cussin' - consequences be-damned. Luckily, nobody tried me, that day.

Hopefully, I can get somebody else tomorrow. :-p

Stay tuned for our next episode... same shat time... same shat channel!

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Anonymous said...

It could have been a prank on your stank ass.