Sunday, November 13, 2005


One of my favorite movie quotes is from There's Something About Mary (like the title of this entry): "Is it the FRANK or the BEANS?" As you might've guessed, it's a reference to the more distinctive parts of the male anatomy. I'm reminded of it because I can't seem to decide which is bigger, the big, shiny balls on my boy, Jeff, or the ding-a-ling my girl, Nikki, is slangin'.

Let me explain.

Jeff is an online bud who has shown on more than one occasion that he's willing to challenge authority. As it turns out, Jeff and I have some very different ideas about right and wrong, but I've gotta acknowledge and respect his willingness to put himself out there by challenging authority. If he thinks there's a double-standard, he's gonna say so. Now, that's resulted in negative repercussions for him, but he comes back stronger than ever, draggin' dem big, shiny, bouncin', hairy-ass balls behind him. It ain't just the content, some of which I agree with and some of which I don't. It's the willingness to step up and tell people with power that they're slippin' that I respect. There's not enough of that and even less that's anywhere near fair and accurate.

Nikki is another online bud - one that I've had the pleasure to meet in-person. As you may have guessed, Nikki's a woman. I noticed this, too, yet every time I take a look at her brilliantly composed words and opinions, I end up on her dick. I can't help it. The girl puts it out there, unashamedly and with style. I've got my private side and a side that's willing to reveal more than the average person. I think there's value in both, but I don't know that I'd ever have it in me to put as much out there as Miss Nikki - but damned if we're not better for it.

I say these things because it's just in me to praise as loudly as I complain. Between Jeff draggin' and Nikki slangin', I had to say a lil something. In fact, I plan to speak a bit more on challenging authority, so there's another post in the makin'. Meanwhile, I'll just have to deal with the inferiority complex Nikki and Jeff's junk is sparkin'.

LAWD help us if they ever decide to combine their powers for evil instead of for good.


nikki said...

damn, west! what a wonderful shout out! however, i have to admit my candidness is more about trying to heal myself than it is about being courageous. i thank you for the props anyway, though.

and i definitely second what you said about jwk.

West said...

And still you impress me.

As far as Jeffrey... I think they're also made o' brass.

JeffreyWKramer said...

Thank you very much, west, good man. It's nice to see someone who understands where I'm coming from, and it's nice also to see another person who can respect - and state respect for - someone with whom he often disagrees. That's true class.

And nikki, I think you are courageous on lots of levels. Keep in mind, working on healing oneself is itself a sign of courage. Keep it up, pretty lady.