Wednesday, November 07, 2012


I just saw a guy say to a non-voter,"So, the good guys won. Wish you’d helped out, but we managed to pull it off without you. You’re welcome!"

Another guy said its not necessary to diss those who chose to abstain - in this case, due to the "killing of brown people". Below is my response to him (it contains profanity):

There has been something of a movement, if it's even worthy of the term, to e
ncourage shaming or just challenging those who conscientiously abstain or fail to give a political fuck. Whichever.

Again, because it's THAT important. Obama barely won four years, ago. I've been bitching about that for four years. The margin was a FRACTION of that, this time. Hell, Romney may as well be honorary vice-president or something.

War isn't just war. There are degrees. Bad economies are not all equal. People's suffering does matter but, no matter how trite it may sound, bad is better than worse. We aren't doing anyone anywhere any favors by saying we care so much about their plight that we are not going to use even our limited power to make things better for them and the rest of us.


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