Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Two Evils

Below is my response to a "Don't vote if you don't want to" (my description) blog post at Do you agree?

Re: "“Vote for the lesser of two evils!” is a thing I’ve heard over and over this election, but somehow voting for an evil is more acceptable than rejecting evil outright. We don’t have to compromise if we don’t want to."

Choosing neither of the major options or the less popula
r ones means that everyone else chooses FOR you. But you and those you love, hate, and don't even know will live with those consequences.

With that in-mind, everyone has a stake in what everyone else chooses - especially if they choose not to be bothered.

Life is and always will be about trying to combine imperfect options with imperfect information to form a more perfect union.

Opting out of that is like opting out of life or, more specifically, opting out of the pursuit of that more perfect union. That's not laudable, in my opinion.

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