Friday, September 14, 2012

I Said, "Bust a GUT"

Relationships can be tough.  That's no secret. Personally, I think more people would benefit from the ability and willingness to just talk and reason and discuss their way through and out of a disagreement.

It's a truly underrated tool.

That said, sometimes talking doesn't get you where you want to be or it doesn't do so fast enough.  Those are the times that emotion, history, and shared experiences get us over the hump.

Sex is one very useful tool in that regard, but don't sleep on laughter.

Anyone who has experienced this will testify like Aunt Esther:

Few things will breathe life into a relationship laughter.

Have you ever laughed with your partner until you were in tears or holding your stomach?

Sexual compatibility is awesome, but there's nothing like two lovers climbing into bed, somebody says something silly, and you laugh yourselves to sleep.