Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I'd heard that actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt, had been criticized, recently, for looking fat in a bikini. Apparently, this had been going on for some time, but, thankfully, stayed below my radar. From what I hear, she ignored the criticism for some time before finally responding via her blog.

I think she said something about how every woman should love her own body and that a size 2 is not fat. When I heard about this, I had to (mentally) applaud her. I hadn't seen the bikini pix that started this frenzy, if it may be called that, but it seems beyond ridiculous that a young woman, celebrated or otherwise, can't go to the beach without the world criticizing every bump, curve, and jiggle.

Ms. Hewitt encouraged women to keep on wearing their bikinis in spite of the unfair way that women are singled-out and ridiculed for what can barely be categorized as "imperfections." I must agree.

Well, today, I was in Pizza Hut that happened to have the news on and they showed the infamous photo of Ms. Hewitt's backside in a bathing suit.

I'll admit, she wasn't as toned as I've seen her in the past and there were signs of cellulite.

Big. Frickin'. Deal.

I'm sure she's got a pimple somewhere we could freak out about, too, but who gives a damn. I mean, really. How is this news?

Meanwhile, there are a ton of movies and television shows featuring funny, fat, flatulent fuckers with receding hairlines and slack jaws married to visions of womanly perfection that somehow found them to be husband- and father-material.

Look, I leer and ogle with the best of'em, but somewhere there is a line and we have lonnnnnng-since crossed it.

How many men can you think of who are out there starving themselves to skeletal states (or trying) just to be worthy of standing in front of a camera?

*crickets chirping*

Wait, I've got one!
Now, tell me... how many such women can you think of?

And don't even get me started on the older women starving themselves, injecting their lips, stretching their skin, and losing their minds trying to remain screen-worthy.


B. Good said...

Yeah, its really not that serious. People usually go the "fat" route when that can't come up with any sound reason, if you will, to criticize someone. Its childish and pathetic. And unfortunately, another burden for women to bear.

Liz said...


And for J. Love Hewitt to have to be a size two in the first place is just ridiculous.

Carson Daly used to be hot. What has he done to himself?

And can I just say that all those pictures of the women are so saad. They all look like they just got dragged out of Dachau. The picture of Keira Knightly is especially scary.

Keith said...

I saw the Jennifer Love photo on TMZ by random coincidence. As a black man and husband of a woman who is not size 2 I saw nothing wrong with how she looked. It's a shame that the media insists on ridiculing ALL women for no good reason. BTW - that Carson pic is a mess.

Bygbaby said...

Damn, those before & afters are hideous! Carson has that crack head surprise look on his face big time!