Monday, December 03, 2007

Finch's Spidey

David Finch is an amazing comic book artist. I mean, c'mon, this is an illustrator who made Moon Knight look cool as all hell.

I've been checking out some of the earliest issues of New Avengers, recently, and I'm too impressed for words. Finch draws a mean-ass Captain America, Spider-Woman, Luke Cage, etc.

But check out that Spider-Man from New Avengers #4.
Everybody looks cool (although he's drawn a much better Spider-woman in other examples) but that Spider-Man is all kindsa fugly. Of course, some artists' styles are better-suited for different characters, but this puts a hurtin' on my eyes every frickin' time.

Big-eyed Spidey vs. Small-eyed Spidey isn't usually an argument I'm too quick to wade into. Mid-sized "eyes" are fine with me, but I'm okay with a bit of variation. Finch's Spidey not only has beady eyes, but his costume-webbing is too densely packed.

Spidey just comes across looking like a shifty little, skinny-@$$ weirdo.

But then, maybe I'm just too old-school. For me, this is Spidey:
Obviously, both versions are far superior to whatever stick-figures I might manage to conjure given two or three years of prep-time, but I needed to express my "geek rage.*"

Anybody out there feelin' me on this?

* - an overstatement, to be sure

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