Wednesday, December 27, 2006

MOVIE - FF sequel trailer

The teaser to the Fantastic Four movie sequel, Rise of the Silver Surfer, is available, online: click here

...and the $#!+'s TIGHT!


Luke Cage said...

Dammnnit! Damn my job. Stoopid firewall won't let me see it. I'll have to check it out online.. Have you seen the trailer for the Transformers and Ghost Rider movie??? Both of those are HOT too man! No pun intended on the heatness of that statement. lol

West said...

Oh yeah. I'm interested in all of'em.

The FF sequel could turn out to be the worst movie, ever, but that's one of the teasers I've ever seen - especially in recent years.

viperteq said...

The only thing crappy about the original FF movie was that they gave Doom superpowers.... I hated to studio for doing that. From the trailer, FF2 looks likes it's going to be 10 times better. I just hope that the CGI graphics don't make Galactus look all sh!tty, you know? The best thing though is that if the audience takes to Silver Surfer, you know Marvel is going to option a movie for the character....THAT will be awesome.

On a side note: You know that Robert Downey, Jr. got cast as Tony Starks/Iron Man right? Check out my Flickr Stream: