Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Grinching

QUICK HIT: How much do I have to pay to never, again, have to hear that damned Salvation Army bell ringing in my ears?

What's up with people who want to ruin birthday, holiday, and anniversary surprises by searching for and/or opening their presents early?

I don't get that. Not only is the POINT to be surprised - to wait- but I find it disrespectful to the person who gave you the gift.

I'm sure others disagree and that's cool, I guess, but do me a favor and let me know that you're one of those folks - just in case we ever get close enough to exchange gifts, some day.

There are too many grown folks who can't be given a gift in advance of Christmas because they'll open it.
You can't put it under the tree because they'll open it.
You can't even bring it in the house because they'll sniff it out and... you guessed it... open it.

Blech. If that's fun for the gift giver and the gift recipient, more power to you all. But for me, finding the right gift and trying hard to keep it a surprise is challenging enough without my loved-one becoming my holiday adversary.


Luke Cage said...

LOL!!! I thought I was the only one man. For the life of me, I just don't get that mentality. What's the point of acknowledging the "actual" day if the recipient cannot WAIT for that day to get here??? I JUST went through that this past Christmas. Just went through that... geez!

West said...


Yeah. That can be frustrating.

I used to have a sig. other that sucked the enjoyment out gift-giving and surprises because she couldn't (or wouldn't) stop looking for'em.

I loved her, but one way I expressed that love was with surprises and gift-giving. Her extreme inquisitiveness was like an impediment to that love.

I should've known you'd feel me on this, Cage, considering how much you dig surprises.