Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cory Thomas' "Watch Your Head"

I first encountered Cory Thomas in the forums of Comic Book Resources, where I used to hang.

I followed his signature link, one day, to find his site containing a bunch of comic strips that he created. In wince when I think about how condescending this may have sounded, but I genuinely meant it when I'd tell him that his work was really strong and "professional."

Anyway, Cory's strip has gone national (as of March of this year, I believe) and it seems the content isn't on his site, anymore (or I'm looking in the wrong places*), but I've seen some of the more recent installments, online. It's still good stuff that's worth a look, I think.

His site is called "".

The description the strip follows:
"Watch your Head chronicles the lives of six teenagers as they awkwardly negotiate the unfamiliar terrain of adulthood. They come from different backgrounds and cultures, bringing their unique perspectives to the campus of Oliver Otis University, the purported Mecca for black intellectuals.

The strip follows their development as they begin the process of growth and venture on their individual paths. They face their inexperience, insecurity and idiosyncrasies and gain enlightment about their world. Along the way, they teach each other valuable lessons about live, love and lasting friendship.


There won't be as many big words in the actual comic."

Anyway, I think it's worth a look.

* - Apparently, I WAS looking in the wrong spot. Here's the strip: click here

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