Wednesday, August 09, 2006

NEWS - Cynthia McKinney is out.

According to The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Cynthia McKinney may be fighting election results that say she lost her seat:
'A top election official in DeKalb County said Wednesday morning that she expects U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney to take her complaints about alleged voting irregularities in Tuesday’s election straight to Washington — just like she did when she lost four years ago.

“I guess I could be real optimistic and say when she wakes up today she’ll feel a lot different about this and she’ll just bow down gracefully,” said Linda Lattimore, DeKalb’s director of voter registration and elections. “But I’m not dreaming this morning. I’m just ready for whatever happens.”

McKinney lost Tuesday’s Democratic runoff election to former DeKalb County Commissioner Hank Johnson by a sizable margin. She complained throughout the day through her attorneys and on her web site of voting irregularities that ranged from her name not appearing on ballots to malfunctioning machines that prevented supporters from recording a vote for her.

McKinney at this point has not filed a formal complaint.

Lattimore said local election officials investigated the campaign’s claims.

“We called all the polls right when she complained to get documentation,” Lattimore said. She said she found no evidence of any irregularities.'

Lotta controversy surrounding her. If you listen to Greg Palast, whom I'd never heard of before today, Ms. McKinney's being "screwed over." According to his June 2003 article:

'Have you heard about Cynthia McKinney, former U.S. Congresswoman?

According to those quoted on National Public Radio, McKinney’s “a loose cannon” (media expert) who “the people of Atlanta are embarrassed and disgusted” (politician) by, and she is also “loony” and “dangerous” (senator from her own party).

Yow! And why is McKinney dangerous/loony/disgusting? According to NPR, “McKinney implied that the [Bush] Administration knew in advance about September 11 and deliberately held back the information.”

The New York Times’ Lynette Clemetson revealed her comments went even further over the edge: “Ms. McKinney suggest[ed] that President Bush might have known about the September 11 attacks but did nothing so his supporters could make money in a war.”

That’s loony, all right. As an editor of the highly respected Atlanta Journal Constitution told NPR, McKinney’s “practically accused the President of murder!”

Problem is, McKinney never said it.'
At this point, I'm thinking that she's a mixed bag of bravery: She says the things others are too afraid to say, but not always the right things. I wasn't there, but I got the impression that her slapping incident was the result of her own issues, while her Post 9/11 comments were mostly on-the-money (those I've heard, anyway). Anyway, I wanted to at least mention her situation. Anyone have anything to ask or add?


viperteq said...

I don't really follow other city politics, but if there was irregularities during the election yesterday, then she needs to file a formal complaint. This other lady that said that she found no wrongdoing, could be lying. If McKinney files a formal complaint then an outside agency will step in to perform the investigation and if there's any wrongdoing found, then they will announce the election as void and will work to hold another one. But nothing can be done until she files a formal complaint. Even if she tries to sue someone, the courts will look to see if she filed a complaint first. That's my 2 cents....

West said...

She made national news when she hit a cop who didn't recognize her and attempted to detain her/stop her from entering a government building.

Anyway, it was a big mess and got a good deal of coverage. I was prepared to give her the benefit-of-the-doubt, but I can't say much for how she defended herself in subsequent interviews.

Anyway, she's being billed as a nut and apparently it hurt her election chances.

Remnants of U said...

I am tired of the white people that I work with asking me what I think about her/hope I didn't vote for her etc. Usually, my comment is "I don't live in her district." Like I am the expert on all things black.

I think sometimes she draws unecessary attention to herself. The whole hitting the cop thing was unecessary. She had worn her hair the same way for years, 2 french braids. And at first I thought that the police was at fault, until I saw her new hair.