Tuesday, August 08, 2006

COMICS - Storm ain't no ho!

ragnell didn't respond to/notice the following, so I thought I'd post about it, briefly:
Source: Comic Book Resources forums post

Thread title: "So how long until Storm cheats on Black Panther?"

First post: "Love her or hate her Ororo's always been a little...promiscuous.

Will she maintain her many affairs? Will T'Challa mind. I could see him sitting in a corner while she and Yukio go at it..."
I don't think a very strong case can be made for this position (that Storm is promiscuous), at all - not even strong enough for this to be a joke.

I've been reading comics since I was a kid and I can only think of a handful of folks with whom Ororo's been romantically linked, let alone folks that she actually boned.

I've seen quite a bit of odd resistance to the coupling of Marvel Comics' Black Panther and Storm characters. I guess this is more of the same.

Still, it's all very strange, to me.


Sonnyredd said...

yeah...I can remember Forge...and that is going back to when she had a mohawk and Prof. X was doing the bird lady. Then there was...


I think there was some tension with wolvie for a minute. We'll call that her Billy Bob Thorton phase...



I'm lost. She ain't no freak. She gotta be like what, 32 y/o bout now? Her numbers are respectible.

Sonnyredd said...

Oh, and by the way... Philly Stand Up!

(I don't know ya, but it is Philly appreciation week...Viper'll explain it all to ya.)


West said...

For real.
She's no freak. Maybe she gave up some sugah, here and there, but it wasn't that much and sugah booty... and sugah ≠ booty.

Any horny teenager'll tell ya that.

(And, umm... Philly Stand Up!, too,... I guess.) :p


Serial_Dater said...

I'm still waiting for someone to get with the Halle Berry "Storm" from the X-Men movies. Why she can't get no love interest? (lol)

West said...

re: "I'm still waiting for someone to get with the Halle Berry "Storm" from the X-Men movies. Why she can't get no love interest? (lol)"

Hehe. Hell, she can't even get any love from the audience.

Lotta hate toward the Black, these days, it seems.

nikki said...

promiscuous? WHERE? i be BEGGING for her to get some, and i'm with serial...halle need to get some in the movies. she's like that token character who's only purpose is the make the x-men look multi-cultural. she gets no plotline, no lines worth a damn, and no ass.

West said...

Serial & nikki: If they make a third movie, it looks like Halle won't be in it. That's what's been reported, anyway.

Apparently, they barely got her to return for the second one - and who can blame her, with bit parts in the first two?

At least, she got a bigger role in the third installment, even if it was... flawed.

Luke Cage said...

This is not even an issue. Actually, like sonnyredd mentioned, I can only remember Forge as being a love interest, although Bishop showed a tad bit interest in our favorite weather witch. Other than that, Storm and T'Challa go hand in hand. She's not going to cheat on him at all. Unless we cross paths that is, then its on! -lol

Ragnell said...

Okay, I mentioned this in chat but I should comment here (I missed the comment until I got back on Tuesday). I can't remember a story with Storm that really centered on romance. I remember alternate futures where she got paired with Wolverine, and an alternate timeline where she was with Quicksilver, but that's it honestly. No legions of liasons, no fluffy love stories. She was a serious professional, and when she had a guy it was always monogamous.

I can't imagine where those idiots are getting this "many affairs" ideas. Is there an alternate universe I didn't read?

However, I wouldn't discount cheating on either side yet. It's totally insane to think she'd go back on her marriage vows at this point, but I have said the same thing about Scott Summers -- that no way in hell would he cheat on Jean. Then Morrison actually managed to pull that one off, make it believable, and stay in character.

As for the marriage itself, I'm sorry, but given Marvel's anti-matrimony comments lately (on Spiderman, and the strife in Fantastic Four) I don't see it lasting past this writer. Quesada's made it clear that he thinks Spiderman's marriage makes for boring storylines. The same attitude about marriage storylines is what killed Katma Tui over at DC a couple decades ago (weird that they felt her being dead would give John Stewart more storylines, and then they didn't do anything with him that required that he be single -- not even so much as a viable love interest while she was gone!) is cropping up at Marvel, and it doesn't look good. Look at Scott and Jean, how many times have they killed her, written both of them to cheat? Right now, Marvel doesn't like marriage, so it's a dangerous time for a character to be married. I wouldn't trust this one until Quesada steps down.

He'd be insane to kill Storm, though.