Monday, August 14, 2006

Being Stood Up

I won't stand for it. (Sorry.)

I was catching up on some of Jaimie's old blog posts and discovered one called "karma," which touched on the practice of making plans with someone, then never showing up.

Fuck that.

I don't do it to others and I damn-sure don't expect it to be done to me. That shit's like bad breath, smoking, helicopter hair-do's, and gold-plated grills...

It's a mother#$&in' deal-breaker, is what it is.

If I tell someone I'm going to do something for or with them, I'm going to do it... or I'm going to tell them (usually WELL) in-advance, then I can't or won't.

That doesn't mean I'll never back out of anything, but I think folks deserve the same amount of respect that I demand: i.e. not having to stand around for hours, wondering where the hell Person X is.

I think I've been stood up once. Some young lady was supposed to meet me at the movies, but she never showed. I called her home and heard the one thing that an impatient waiter never wants to hear... her voice on the other end.

Cuz all you're thinking is, "What the #$@^ are you doing AT HOME?!"

She'd changed her mind, she said. Disrespectful, like a muuuuug.

Not one to mince words, I told her about herself. I didn't curse her out or anything (I was still in shock, I think), but that just confirmed other stuff I'd thought and said about her, in the past.

This person wasn't worthy of friendship (and she certainly wasn't worthy of the ding-a-ling).

It's a matter of trust and respect. If you don't have any for me, don't expect any from me.


chele said...

Yeah that would definitely be a deal breaker. I feel the same way about being late. I'm never late and if you tell me that you're going to pick me up at 7:00 I expect you to be there at 7:00.

I remember once my sister and brother-in-law tried to fix me up with some dude. We spoke on the phone a few times and he seemed okay ... a little boring ... but okay. We agreed to go to dinner and he would pick me up at 7:00. Well, 7:00 came and went and he wasn't there. At 7:15 I was preparing to change clothes and by 7:30 I was gone.

He was pissed -- or so I heard from my sister. I never heard from him again. Sorry dude, first impressions mean alot and so does puncuality.

West said...

That's a much softer position than I thought it'd be. I think fifteen minutes before changing and thirty before leaving is perfectly reasonable... especially in the age of mobile phones (though you dislike'em).

Gotta love it when someone's more than thirty minutes late, then has the nerve to be pissed at YOU for not continuing to wait.

asdf said...

I had a stretch of girls who liked to do that shit. I hated it. It's just about the most embarrasing thing that can happen. Especially when you tell your friends, "hey I'm doing out with so and so tonight". And then the next day the ask how it went and you're like, well they didn't show up.

chele said...

Actually, this episode happened prior to 1993 when I was still in CT. Did we have cell phones then?Even so, I couldn't justify hanging around and waiting.