Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pullin' the Panties Back Up

As I recently mentioned on princess dominique's blog, there is absolutely NOTHING like searching for and discovering a woman's hot-spots... especially the ones SHE never knew she had.

One might think this is only true when preparing to devour some tasty, young, inexperienced morsel, but surprising a more experienced woman can be rewarding, too - and very stimulating.

In either case, there's something so sexy and sensual about a woman opening up and placing herself in a physically, mentally, and emotionally vulnerable position - trusting you to play these three instruments jusssst right.

Saying and doing (and again, discovering) all the right things can reap all sorts of benefits, but what about those times when things are going well, the panties to slowly come tumblin' down, and then the guy says or does the wrong thing and **insert scratched record sound here** ... she starts pullin' the panties back up?!


Examples may follow, depending on the comments and responses this entry gets.

Have you ever had somebody pull the panties back up... or have YOU done the pullin'?
What happened?


nikki said...

the man stuck his finger up my ass. that stopped shit faster than you can say "i have an std."

West said...

"That stopped shit..."

Yeah. A finger up the ass'll do that.