Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A few quick hits...

Sometimes I forget to share my own opinion on a given blog post (or I have something new to add).
Here are a few recent topics that I wanted to comment on right-quick: (click the titles to see the original blog posts)

Stem Cell Research: Yay or Nay?

I believe the potential benefits outweigh the risks. Let's not be so set on protecting the lives of the never-to-be-born that we neglect those who are alive and suffering, today.

POLITICS: Third-Party Candidates - "worthwhile" or "waste of time"?

I believe in choosing one's battles, though. There's a risk involved in backing the underdog. For me, there are times when the most important thing is getting the incumbent out-of-office.
In the last couple of Presidential elections, especially, getting rid of Bush was a high priority, for me - not because of any particular political affiliations so much as the great potential for harm that he presents and represents.

Pullin' the Panties Back Up

Yeah. I've had to watch'em get pulled back up, before.
The one time that readily comes to-mind isn't a particularly unique story, but I damn-sure felt it, when it was happening (and obviously I still remember it).

Long story short, she asked me if I'd kissed some other young lady she knew I'd gone out with before. I'm honest to a fault, so I told her the truth - I had kissed ol' girl.

And that was that.

More Shaving Tips for Black Men

Still goin' strong.
I've begun getting rid of my razors after a couple of shaves, like I said, and I think that produces much better results... even though I sometimes still end up shaving the same area multiple times. I think it's easier on my face than using half-dulled blades forever and a day.

Also, in case I didn't mention it before, apply alcohol by putting it on a cloth rag is better. More absorption and fewer flecks o' white crap left on my face.

And that's that.


Luke Cage said...

I always had problems with my razor bumps but I had it under control before I went in the Army. Once I went in, mannn they jacked my neck area up! I started to use Magic Shave and that worked for awhile, but since then I've gone to the good ol' electric clippers. They get a nice even cut, no stubble, and I put some Neutragena(sp) after shave cream to soothe the shaved area man. Works wonders.

West said...

I feel you.

Dunno if you read the original posts, but I'd been doing the electric clippers thing for a damned decade or more. I wasn't playing that razor bump game.

But one of the reasons I'd consider other options (like a regular razor), was because I wanted a closer shave than clippers provided.

So my question is: What clippers are you using that don't leave stubble or razor bumps?!?!

Luke Cage said...

Just your regular standard electric clippers. Not the liners because those WILL leave bumps, but the type that you can get a good head of hair off of the scalp. Now apply to the neck and it did me wonders. Don't get me wrong.. there will be a bump or 2, but a far cry to what I used to get regularly from the str8 blade. For my face, I use The Gillette Quattro.. graduating from the Schick Mach III.

West said...

I've never found a pair of clippers that didn't leave stubble, but I guess that depends on your definition.

Downward stubble is rare, with clippers, but upward stubble (i.e. rubbing one's face from bottom-to-top) is significant.

Visually, it looks fine, but I seemed to have a somewhat scratchier face (and sooner).