Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Digital Movie Redemption

This'll REALLY sound like an ad but...

If you're like me, you sometimes like to buy the version of the dvd/Blu-ray package that comes with all formats (on-sale) together - including the iTunes digital copy.  The digital copy comes with a "redeem" code to tell iTunes to allow you to download or stream the movie.

Well, sometimes you lose that code or it expires so that you can't watch the digital copy of the movie on your Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.

If that happens, you can do what I did.  When my Hulk copy expired, I contacted Universal studios online.  When my Thor and The Dark Knight digital copies expired, I contacted Paramount Studios online and they responded with a new code (that only works for those with the digital copy disc).

It's great to not have to go grab a dvd or Blu-Ray when I'm reading to watch a movie.  I can have it stream to my devices or downloaded for watching when I'm out-of-town, sitting in a business lobby, ...or waiting for someone to finish shopping. :-)

Pretty useful.


SANTIAGO said...

Great tip! Thank you for sharing.

West said...

You're welcome.

Junaid Walayat said...

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