Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Now BACK to ME!

Today, I almost embarrassed the shyt out of my girlfriend because I'm the kind of person who would (and did) do the following:

I was picking out a new body spray to keep fresh after all the bicycling I'm doing, these days, and the Old Spice brand reminded me of the commercials with the Black dude (y'know, "I'm on a horse").

Right then, a young, white couple walked by. The young lady was near me and her man was approaching. I spontaneously turned to her and said, "Look at your man. Now back to me. Now back to him. Now BACK to ME..."

She smiled. He nervously grinned.

They didn't know what the FUQUE I was talking about!

I briefly explained that it was a popular commercial, then suggested they ask their friends about "I'm on a horse." I then allowed them take their nervous, half-sincere chuckling back to the safety of strangerdom, as I looked for my girlfriend, to tell her the story.

"Sadly," she's so easily embarrassed (or so gun-shy from my silliness) that she even winced and turned away when I asked our cashier if he was familiar with the commercial.

All I did was ask. Oh well.


B.Good said...

HAHAHAHAHA! West, you didn't! That couple had to be freaked out. And they had NO idea what you were talking about??? LOL.

Awww man, that's a good one. I'm glad all they did was look at you nervously, and keep walking. You are their story to tell for the rest of the week, lol.

Michael May said...

I love that frickin commercial. Wish I could've seen you do that. :D