Monday, December 21, 2009

Good night, Olivia. Good night, Rose.

Alaina Reed Hall passed away.

Here's the article.

I watched a ton of Sesame Street, as a kid. "Olivia," "Maria," "oscar," "Bob," "Mr. Hooper," and all the furry and feathered fictional characters kept this latchkey kid company and taught him a good deal.

Alaina Reed Hall, as "Olivia," was a part of that and so her voice and image are strongly tied to some of my fondest childhood memories.

Her transition from "Olivia" to "Rose" moved her from public television to the National Broadcast Corporation (or whatever "NBC" stands for) was surprising, but seemed pretty effortless. I liked the new show, "227."

Not much else to say. I liked the show. I liked "Rose."

I don't know anything about the actress, herself, but I still kinda liked her. So, I'm sorry to see her go.

Good night.

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