Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dreams of Death

WEST3MAN: the other night, i dreamed i died.
WEST3MAN: not the first time, but this one was particularly scary.
TNunRoy: you know
TNunRoy: i donno why, but dreaming one has died somehow doesn't seem as scarey as dreaming one is Dying/in a Deadly situation . .
TNunRoy: i mean, if yer dead, what's done is done . .
TNunRoy: right AnotherChatter?
WEST3MAN: i've never dreamed that i was already dead.
AnotherChatter: yeah
WEST3MAN: i have dreamt of my death, though.
TNunRoy: ah, i see
AnotherChatter: there are a lot of thngs worse than dying in dreams
WEST3MAN: shitty scary
TNunRoy: AC: like dreaming of being chased by clowns?
TNunRoy: West; So how did you dream of your death this time which was particularly unsettling?
AnotherChatter: troy: exactly
WEST3MAN: i dreamt that, probably due to existing real-life ailments, i experienced spontaneous paralysis,
WEST3MAN: while sitting in a chair in a room my gf had just left.
TNunRoy: West; ahhhh
TNunRoy: i see
WEST3MAN: so i couldn't call out to her, as my arms shook, then i was unable to move
WEST3MAN: and slowly fell out of the chair, KNOWING that i was dying.
WEST3MAN: then resigning myself to that fact and "thinking" my last words.
WEST3MAN: and then dying.
AnotherChatter: so, what were your last words?
TNunRoy: bah
TNunRoy: you ask the obvious question
TNunRoy: the more important question is . .
TNunRoy: what was your girlfriend doing so as that she wasn't there for you?
WEST3MAN: she'd left the room.
TLJohnson0: you're going to have to break up with her, she obviously is not concerned about your well-being . . . dreams don't lie!
WEST3MAN: i couldn't see or hear her.
TNunRoy: West: and you had no impression of why she left? it was just the natural course of things for her to get up and go?
WEST3MAN: she left before my symptoms started.
TNunRoy: i think what this means . . deep deep down . . . at the very Root of things is . .
WEST3MAN: why is this of-interest?
TNunRoy: you feel she runs the A/C too much and leaves you frozen
WEST3MAN: A.M.: My last words were telling her that I loved her (by thought).
WEST3MAN: sound reasoning, as always
WEST3MAN: you and TLJ should be couples counselors
WEST3MAN: better yet, you should be a couple!
TLJohnson0: "stop . . . touching . . the damn . . .thermosta. . . ."
TNunRoy: yes, we play Good Counselor/Bad Councelor
TLJohnson0: I don't remember my dreams too often any more . . but some of them are really strange
AnotherChatter: hmmm
WEST3MAN: i think i'm gonna put this in my blog
WEST3MAN: do you guys mind if i use your names?
TNunRoy: West: nah -- not really
AnotherChatter: west: your last thoughts before dying after you got abandoned is "i love you"?
WEST3MAN: i'll assume the rest of you aren't willing. i'll be sure to change the names.
WEST3MAN: A.M. dunno if you're joking or not, but i wasn't abandoned.

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Los Angelista said...

Weird to dream that but love that you posted the convo.