Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Have a Nice Day

I took this picture of the Orlando sky, last weekend. I've seen sky-writing before, but I'm not sure I'd ever seen sky-drawing.

Take a look.

When I looked, again, later, I saw the sky-writer was trying to air-scribble "Jesus Loves You." Unfortunately, by the time the words were written, the illustration had been smeared.

Now I regret not getting a picture of the smeared smiley.


B. Good said...

Oooo, sky-writing! I haven't seen this art form in a LONG time.

I wonder how one gets into sky-writing. I presume there's some sky-writers class that pilots can take. Can you just write whatever you want? I wonder what it costs to get something written.


West said...

I figured someone paid the sky-writer to put that message up there, but they should get some of their money back, at least. It was a mess by the time the pilot was done.

Still, I was impressed, overall - especially with the smiley.

Later, in the day, it seems the sky-writer returned to try, again, because I saw a clear, crisp, new smiley in the sky.

But yeah, it was kinda neat.