Monday, February 04, 2008

Biking Shorts - Part 1

I thought I'd drop a couple of short posts about my primary mode of transportation, these days, and a little about how it's changed me.

I got a brand-new bicycle (just be)for Christmas. It was all shiny and unspoiled.

I took it back within a couple of weeks.

We saw a local thrift store advertising discounted bikes. That's where I found a 20-year-old "hoopty"*** of a bike with a steel frame and high handle bars. Love at first sight.
I took it home that day.

It's funny that shiny and new didn't offer what *I* needed. It didn't coast far enough or "handle" high enough for my comfort. I wasn't looking for a speed demon. I was looking for a nice, comfortable bike to cruise around the neighborhood, get a little exercise, and maybe save gas money, along with the Earth.

Higher handle bars were easier on my back. I wasn't worried about wind resistance. I was worried about bone-itis*.

So infatuated with my new ride was I that, when I packed for my Christmas trip to see the family, I packed the bike, too.

You ain't seen NUFFIN' 'til you done seent a grown-ass Black man riding high on a old-ass comfort bike, with a big o' basket on the back, and a big-ass grin on his face. I was happy as could be, riding alongside all the kids with their brand-new, shiny Christmas bikes.

It was just what I wanted and (with some adjustments) it fit me to a "T." I'm sure I looked some kinda "special" cheesing my way down the street, back and forth to class, and even to the store, on ol' Trusty Rusty, but I couldn't give a damn.

Yes, my bike's got "battle scars" but that's all right. I am (and my legs muscles, especially are) gettin' fit again**, so it's all good.

No complaints. Well, maybe one, but that's for another post.

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* a lil nod to the Futurama fans out there.
** I ain't TRYIN' to get a juicy in my old age!
*** - Actually, it's got something of a beach cruiser body style. Not quite as dorky as this, but close enough. Dorkily comfortable.

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