Monday, December 03, 2007

Toner? Damn-near killed her!

I'm so sick of printers.

We don't print that often, but when we need - for work or for school or just for life - we sure don't want to have to wait for our inkjet printers to clean themselves. Even worse is when, because of all that cleaning, the @#^ $%^*&$^*er's out of ink.

Even these things would be tolerable, I suppose, if ink wasn't so ridiculously expensive! You can easily spend fifty bucks on a full refill complement.

I'd heard that these problems aren't such an issue with laser printers, so I was prepared to make the switch... despite the jacked-up toner price. As it turns out, m'lady wasn't having it.

As an alternative, she suggested we opt for those el-cheapo, generic, no-name ink cartridges. After some resistance, I gave in and hopped on ebay.

For about twelve bucks, including shipping, I believe, we got four blacks and one of each color refill. I just installed them a little while, ago, and they seem to work just fine.

I thought this might be worth sharing in case any of you were similarly frustrated with you (or maybe your children's) printing needs.

zzzzz-ZZZZ. *snort*

Aww hell, did I just fall asleep during my own boring-ass post? Whoops.

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