Monday, November 26, 2007

Hit It and Quit It

This was some holiday break. So much happened, it's hard to know where to begin. I guess I'll just start with something random.

Let's begin with "traffic."

My mother and I were on our way to my little cousin's birthday party when we saw emergency vehicles in the distance. Obviously, we don't wish anything bad on anyone else, but we were really hoping it wasn't a member of our family. As we approached, we noticed that none of the cars were familiar, so we breathed a sigh of relief. Until...

I saw my aunt's forehead. And my uncle's face. Some other family members.


Apparently, this three-car accident was caused by a driver who ran three successive traffic lights, crashed into a second car, sending two people to the hospital, and causing the second car to hit my aunt and uncle's car.

One car received a face-lift and the other a full about-face. Scary.

Luckily, my family was fine. The car they'd just purchased two days earlier? Not so much.


To top it all off, the offending vehicle's male driver and female passenger grabbed their baby, exited the vehicle, and hauled the requisite amount of ass.

They left so quickly that they forgot their mobile phone.

I don't know what the hell kinda illegal crap caused them to drive so recklessly or leave the scene of an accident, but I'm almost afraid to find out.

Last I heard, the cops were still combing the surrounding area. Meanwhile, my aunt and uncle have parked their now no-longer-road-worthy vehicle.

Happy Day After Thanksgiving.


Michael May said...

Damn, man. I'm glad your family's okay, but... damn.

B. Good said...

A lot of that goin' around. I drove from NY to Delaware and back without a hitch. The moment I get back to NY, I'm in a car accident (not my fault).

My damage wasn't nearly as bad as your aunt and uncle, but I'm glad they are both alright.

Liz said...

Did the cops find the folks that caused the accident yet? It seems that it should be easy to locate them given that they left a phone, etc. Thank goodness your aunt and uncle were not hurt but what a pain to go through all the insurance drama.