Friday, September 07, 2007

First Class

♪ It's been a long time. (long time) I shouldn't have left you (left you) without a dope beat to step to. ♪

This picture, in part, accounts for my recent absence. It's a shot of my first day back in school.

Between job-searching and school-related activities, I've had something of a full plate. Plus, there have been some bumps along the road that eroded my blogging-motivaton. Of course, I could've just posted about these things, but sometimes a person (even me) doesn't want to release a flurry of negativity.

I may still do so, but I wasn't up to it before. Hopefully, some of it will be worth reading - or at least sprinkled between more interesting material.

I hope to see you then.

Many thanks to those who expressed their concern for me. I really do appreciate it.


B. Good said...

The school bug got you too! In that case, your absence its quite understandable and certainly expected.

Best of luck on your job search and your new endeavors!

Keith said...

I thought you were on vacation!

I've been debating over going back to school too ever since my boss said that I needed to "get a masters in something" if I wanted to get a big raise. Good luck to you.

Michael May said...

Maybe I should be more concerned when my online pals go quiet for a while, but I always assume that life has just gotten in the way.

Glad you're doing good and it's exciting that you're back in school. Congratulations!

princessdominique said...

I'm retaking the plunge too. Congrats to you. We'll be around.

nikki said...

i hope u doin aiight, luv.

Liz said...

Again, three cheers for leaving bullshit jobs with crazy people. I'm sure your school experiences are going to give you lots of fodder to write about in this space so I'm looking forward to hearing more. What are you going for? I want an MFA in writing but I don't want to pay for it. Sigh.

Angie said...

Aww suuckie now! You're in school too! Loves it!