Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day was pretty nice (if expensive).

I got my mom something she'd wanted for a while, but probably wouldn't get for herself, and an uncle and I took five or six moms out to dinner. It was a nice outing and I was especially glad it included one of the younger mothers in the family. Otherwise, I doubt she would've received any Mother's Day acknowledgment.

The only downside, really, was the fact that we couldn't do that for more family members. One doesn't want to have to pick and choose between family members, but we couldn't afford to take everyone. (I chose based on those who were around at the time we began finalizing the plan.)

It's a special day for mothers, so I hate the idea that there are mothers out there who didn't feel special - maybe because no one acknowledged them on that day or maybe because they spent the day worrying about or dealing with approaching forest fires in California, Georgia, or Florida.*

* - In our case, the closest fires are about 300 miles, away, from most of my family, but we could still smell it. At first, I thought someone left the oven on. Then I thought someone was burning leaves (which is a smell I associate with Pensacola). Eventually, I realized it was the forest fire(s)... which have resulted in a smoky haze in and around Tallahassee (100 miles away).


Liz said...

That is really special that you and your uncle did a multiple-mom outing like that.

I saw on the news about the fires and wow, they are so much bigger than what we had out here last week. The drought conditions across the country are so bad that I'm sure we're in for more fires as the summer goes on.

Miz JJ said...

That is nice you did something for mother's day. My mom is far away.

The fire situation sounds a bit scary.

Michael May said...

I just heard about the fires on the radio this morning and wondered if they were close to Tally. Glad they're not.

West said...

Thanks, everyone.

I was surprised that the weather report, this morning, mentioned smoke. I've never heard that as part of a weather report, before.

It makes sense, but it was somewhat surreal. Y'know?