Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Big People and the Little People

Source: AOL Video

I'm pretty tired of seeing so many sorry-ass parents allowing their young children, like the 3-year-old in this video, to wander off by themselves. In the video, a breakdancer accidentally strikes the kid.

AOL's quick write-up about the video focuses on the breakdancer. Maybe that's because they don't want to offend parents. Hell, I don't, either. There are a number of very good parents out there - many who, despite their best efforts, find their children still in harm's way.*

But there are also the sorry-asses I see every week, allowing kids who can barely walk to wobble off by themselves, stand near high-traffic areas with no hand-holding, and do all sorts of dangerous, but easily preventable, stuff.

They're babies, for goodness' sake! They don't understand the consequences of their actions! That's why the big people are supposed to take care of the little ones!

. . . *deep breath* . . .

Luckily, the toddler in the video was okay, but I'm sure the whole thing scared the hell out of her, the dancer, and anyone else who saw the incident. Maybe the mall should've put up barriers between the crowd and the dancers, but most folks seemed able (or smart enough) to handle staying the hell out of the way and keeping their children at their sides.

Too bad that was too much for that toddler's "guardian."

* - Honestly, for all I know, this guardian may have been one of those responsible parents, but the general point remains.


Keith said...

I'm pretty sure that that happened in a subway station in NYC. The kid and her parents were likely tourists, because regular New Yorkers have seen enough break dancing in their lives so they usually walk right by such displays. That being said, I agree with you 100%. Some parents are way too liberal with kid safety. Me, I admit to being overprotective, but at least my kid will never be kicked by a dancer or lost in a NYC crowd. (BTW - My son finds this clip to be hilarious.)

B. Good said...

DAYUM!!! He kicked the hell outta that lil girl. He couldn't even see her to avoid it.

Hopefully the kid wasn't hurt too badly, but the momma ran out there just a bit too late. It looked like she only ran out there because the girl got kicked, and not because she coulda been in the way in the first place.

What a shame. And he was doing so well too.

tAnYeTTa said...