Friday, April 27, 2007

Flash! AHH-ahhhhh!

According to Michael's sources, a dvd of the Flash Gordon movie will be available in August.

That's great news, at least for me. I love that movie. It's a perfect balance of very good and very bad.

Queen soundtrack, old-school effects, 70's/80's style. Nice.

Luckily, m'lady copped a dvd for me some months back. According to the seller, it wasn't a bootleg, but that wasn't exactly accurate. Luckily, it was a bootleg of excellent quality and even included the original trailer.

I hope there are a bunch of extras. Otherwise, I might have to pass. *fingers crossed*

My guess, though, is that they'll make it as appealing as they can the first time around - unlike a lot of today's releases, which are bare-bones for a year, then are followed-up by some type of special edition.

Luckily, I'll have my current copy to keep me from going nuts while I wait to see if the new release will be worthwhile.

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