Friday, March 02, 2007

Job Requirement: Penis

sourc: NPR

In Largo, Florida, the city manager was fired after it was revealed that he was likely to have a sex change. Supposedly, they're only firing him because he kept it a secret, but that's b.s., in my book.

They think it's icky, so they want him out. Sadly, according to the NPR segment, there's no legal protection for employment dismissal on such grounds.

I've heard some interesting theories on how such a case could be argued, though, if the former city manager decides to appeal.

I'm sorry these close-minded people had the power to affect his life in this way.


Miz JJ said...

How is keeping it a secret bad? Obviously he had good reason to keep it a secret since he knew they were going to fire him. I hope he finds some way so that he can sue.

West said...

I hope so, too, and I agree that their response kinda justifies his secrecy.

But really, it's not like it was going to be a secret indefinitely. It would be obvious, at some point.

That said, he mentioned that he's never chosen a date to do this, so it could have been well beyond his tenure as city manager.

Crazy stuff.

chele said...

How in the world can they fire him for that? That's terrible.

Luke Cage said...

It's the world we live in man. what can you say?

Shai said...

West, at my old job. There was a man who had a sex change and he goes by his female name. No one calls him he or by his old name. This is in City government in my city of Detroit.

It is obvious she was a man and we call him by his new name.

DJ Black Adam said...

Damn...I could see if being "male" affected his / her job in anyway, but this? I hope they get sued.

B. Good said...

Ummm, how is it any of their damn business if "he" wants to be a "she"? "He" doesn't owe them any kind of explanation. Informing them of "his" new identity is a courtesy yes, but thats about it. As long as "his" work doesn't suffer, what's the problem?

I hate people!